February 10th, 2011, 6:01 pm

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Reply fortheluvof, February 10th, 2011, 6:18 pm

oh god please don't let it be a hook in the mouth

Reply FrostedWaffle, February 10th, 2011, 6:30 pm

I really hope it is only stuck in something like his ear D=t

Reply RadicalTrain, February 10th, 2011, 6:30 pm

it's so cute how he gets hurt ;0;

Reply Jazeki, February 10th, 2011, 7:22 pm

Fish hook injury!

Reply Antique Doll, February 10th, 2011, 7:42 pm

I live for when this updates :)

Reply Synnub, February 10th, 2011, 8:10 pm

Im worried where exactly is that sticking in?

Reply Pachika, February 10th, 2011, 8:30 pm


Reply orenjibeat, February 10th, 2011, 9:36 pm

For some reason, I thought that was the fuse line of a bomb. Fish hook /totally/ makes more sense, but still wtf, lol

Reply ukiiukii, February 11th, 2011, 1:11 am

Man oh man I love those middle three panels so hard.

Reply cumquat, February 11th, 2011, 1:38 am

I just can't get over how amazing your art is, I just love the style! I'm going to guess that you went to an art school?

Reply CactusJuicy, February 11th, 2011, 2:43 am

“or the time when I had two fish hooks in my thumb.”
“Two fish hooks? ”
“He tried to remove the first fish hook with a second fish hook.”

Reply Insertyourawesomename, February 12th, 2011, 5:09 pm

I love the expressions in every single page, I swear xD This is just plain awesome.

Reply Laika005, February 16th, 2011, 9:49 pm

Flick...? lol that text placement in the top right...I know it says flick, but it looks like F*ck...That dude is totally covering up the one thing that makes the difference between flick and F*ck. XD love your coloring btw.

Reply izzywinkle, February 26th, 2011, 10:36 pm

I think I feel liek Im the only person who imagined it as a squirt of toothpaste :I

I dont pay much attention. But i cant wait for the update!

Reply MissLovely91, March 24th, 2011, 12:33 pm

OMG sweet jeezus where is it

Reply DaShou, April 2nd, 2011, 3:56 pm

Oh, how I love fish hooks... Haha, dunno what got pierced but it totally reminds me of the time I got a fish hook stuck in my ear and I went to tell my parents. XD Good times, gooooood times.

Reply Tallinn, April 2nd, 2011, 4:00 pm

I love those expressions...
But that fish hook is worrying me

Reply megami23, April 5th, 2011, 1:11 pm

LOL this comic is so interesting! 8D I wonder what happened with that fish-hook.
And aw, poor Wesley just keeps getting hurt and rejected xD

Reply Zanoushe, April 7th, 2011, 1:21 pm

Oh good god what did he do this time

Reply DoubleStroke, April 7th, 2011, 4:16 pm

I really like your comic! Faving and waiting for updating :3
Keep it up

Reply KuDu, April 12th, 2011, 2:33 pm

exactly what Cass said How the hell he got hurt by a fish hook.

Someone get him in a leash lol.

And for some reason I thought it'd be somewhere around his tummy. Like sticking outta from his belly button.

Reply Megane-Chan, May 24th, 2011, 1:21 pm

Man! Where ever that is I bet it's gonna hurt.

Reply EstherQuesada, June 9th, 2011, 7:55 am

Yay! I simply found this one out today... and I totally love it! XD Well, if one of these days you can upload a new page, I'll be waiting for it. ^_^

Reply lulu (Guest), July 21st, 2011, 6:05 pm

Please update this is such a lovely work! It would be a shame to waste it!

Reply Forbidden_Requiem, December 15th, 2011, 7:23 am

mother fu in the river tat is the nile plz pick this shit up o.o i need more good reads and 10 months seems like very long time =3= i almost cried when the next button didn't work

Reply zeeMC, April 9th, 2012, 3:49 pm

no more updates? well, crap.

Reply MEWfer, May 26th, 2013, 4:54 am

please continue this!!! my god i've read the full thing until know like sixteen times no kiding, i must know what happened to them?? to cassie and wesley please have mercy

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